One of the most popular and oldest cat breeds in the United States is the Maine Coon. Supposedly the Maine Coon is native to the State of Maine but their origin story varies. One theory, that is a proven myth, is that Maine Coons are the byproduct of a wild cat and raccoon mating. Another theory suggests that the first Maine Coon can be traced back to one Marie Antoinette’s cats that was sent to America during the French Revolution. The last theory, and the most probable, suggests that Maine Coons originated from the breeding of short-haired domestic cats and longhair cats who belonged to Vikings or New England Seaman.

Although some of the theories may be questionable, there’s no question that Maine Coons are loved and adored by their owners. Their origination story is not the only thing thing that is interestring about these “dogs of the cat world“. Keep reading to find out five more interesting facts about Maine Coons.

1. Biggest Domestic Cat 

In the whole world, Maine Coons are one of the largest domestic cat breeds.Typically, Maine Coons mature slowly, most reach adulthood by 3 to 5 years. These felines have muscular legs, large paws, and can weigh up to 30 pounds! Part of their size is due to their furry, thick, and dense coat.

2. “Dogs of the Cat World” 

Compared to other cats, Maine Coons have a similar personality to dogs. Like dogs, the Maine Coon loves to socialize and interact with humans. Often they will see you off before you leave the house, and be at the door when you come home. Rather than hiding when visitors arrive, your Maine Coon will make it his duty to greet anyone. Maine Coons are wonderful companions for children and typically get along with most pets.

3. A Cat that Loves Water 

Seeing a cat that loves water is a rare sight to see, but not for the Maine Coon. A Maine Coon loves to play with and even swim in water. If you have a Maine Coon, chances are you have caught them playing in their water bowl or try to sneak into the shower.

4. Maine Coons Are Winter Ready 

Maine Coons are dressed to face cold winter climates. On top of their thick water-repellant coat, their tufted paws act as “snowshoes” and their fluffy tail can be wrapped around their body as additional warmth.

5. Maine Coons Are Colorful Felines 

When we think of Maine Coons, we often associate them with brown coloring, similar to a raccoon. However, Maine Coons can come in an assortment of colorings, including but not limited to, smoke, mackerel, cameo, cream, and tortoiseshell.