Imagine a place where you can enjoy the company of cats while drinking coffee at your own comfort. All over the United States, “Cat Cafes” have been popping up and becoming widely popular among millennials, cat lovers, and coffee lovers.

Although cat cafes are a fairly new concept to America, they originated in Taiwan in 1998. As the popularity rose among Japanese tourists, the love for cat cafes seemed to spread pretty quickly. However, in the United States, food compliances laws make these types of cafes more difficult to open. Food service regulations make it difficult for coffee shop owners to open cat cafes due to the cats required to be in a separate area from where the food and drinks are prepared. However, there are quite a few cat cafes open for business in the United States. Here’s a list of some must-visit cat cafes!

Meow Parlour in New York, New York

New York City’s first cat cafe, Meow Parlour, is a popular place– so popular that you have to book your reservation two months in advance. Meow Parlour allows you to relax with the cats while you grab a bite to eat or drink your coffee. They also allow you to adopt the available cats in the cafe. Access to inside the cafe is $6 per person for a half an hour and goes up from there based on what they have to offer. This Manhattan parlor has grown in popularity among NYC cafes across the city

Seattle Meowtropolitian in Seattle, Washington

Seattle’s first cat cafe, Seattle Meowtropolitian, welcomes cat lovers and coffee lovers to the shop. They partner with a local animal rescue, Regional Animal Services of King County, and showcase the adoptable cats as customers come into play with these furry friends. As Seattle is known for it’s coffee drinkers, the city’s cat cafe takes coffee to a new level. You can book your visit for $10 and stay up to 50 minutes. This cafe also offers yoga to those interested in a namaste experience with feline friends joining in.

KitTea in San Francisco, California  

As the second cat cafe to the Bay Area in California, KitTea serves up coffee to Californians that love their cats. Because of the robust popularity, like other cafes, KitTea recommends booking a reservation in advance. Instead of a love for coffee, you should have a love for tea if you want to visit here. With a wide selection of Japanese teas and delicious desserts, you can enjoy up to an hour with 10+ cats. On the plus side, there are always available cats for adoption at this cafe.

Denver Cat Company in Denver, Colorado

Open 7 days a week, the Denver Cat Company has a lot to offer. Partnering with multiple local shelters to help cats find their forever homes, Denver Cat Co. always has cats available for adoption. Additionally, beyond cat lovers, Denver Cat Co. also offers painting and yoga classes. If you love arts and cats, this is the place for you.