Let’s be honest; our pet felines do some strange things that make us raise an eyebrow. Whether your cat is zooming around your house at 3 a.m. or attacks you while rubbing their belly, cat owners want answers their pets strange behavior. Today we address a few of the most frequently asked questions, in the hopes to deliver the answers you have been looking for.

Why does my cat keep eating grass?

Although cats are considered a strict carnivore, you may find your feline chomping down on some grass every now and again. Eating grass and even some plants is relatively normal in cats, and is most likely a trait that has been passed down from previous generations. Consuming grass is said to help reduce parasite loads and is a great source of fiber, making it an essential part of gastrointestinal health.

If you find that your cat has been eating grass more frequently, there is a good chance they might have an upset stomach.

Why does my cat drink directly from the faucet?

You may find that your cat snubs their water bowl and instead prefers drinking from the sink’s tap. Some cats opt for running water because they don’t like the taste of standing water. If the water bowl isn’t fresh, it may be unappealing. Sinks are also in elevated areas which makes your cat feel more safe than drinking on the ground.

Why does my cat hate belly rubs?

Unlike dogs, cat’s aren’t a big fan when it comes to belly rubs. The hair follicles on the belly and tail are hypersensitive to touch when compared to other parts on their body. Petting in these two areas can lead to overstimulation, making it a not so pleasant experience for your furry friend.

The best place to best your cat is on the head by the chin and cheeks, where the scent glands are located. If you find that your cat enjoys their belly rubbed, don’t be worried! Likes and dislikes will vary from cat to cat, but regardless they will tell you what they prefer.

Why is my cat running around like crazy?

If your cat has suddenly started running around the house, jumping on furniture, and pouncing on everything, your cat most likely has a case of the zoomies. While zoomies isn’t a technical term, it is the release of pent-up energy. If your cats haven’t been particularly active that day, they will most likely have an episode. If you find this is occurring in your cat more frequently, try implementing more interactive playtime with puzzle toys, cat trees, or automatic cat toys.