With Halloween just around the corner, folks are clamoring, not just for their own costumes, but for costumes with which they can adorn their feline compatriots. But going out and purchasing pre-made costumes for your cats can be pretty costly, so, instead, here’s a few ideas that will save you money, time, and ultimately make your furry friend the talk of the party!

1. Try out a mounted moose costume! All it takes is a head band, some felt, card stock, and a little time. Your cat becomes your trophy cat, and your wallet is happy!

2. You can turn your cat into a soup dumpling (not literally). Again, felt and a sewing machine are your best friend to make this trendy get-up.

3. Why not make a nod to Princess Leia with a head-bun costume? This one just takes an old t-shirt, a pattern to follow, and some stitching. And it just sits on their head like a beanie, meaning less bother for your cat!

4. Bring the out the devil in your little angel! Take a head band and some felt and put some devil’s horns are your kitty to let your neighbors know that you take Halloween very seriously.

5. Have you always thought your cat was kind of like a peacock? Most people haven’t, but just in case, you can bring out the fowl in your feline with just some turquoise felt, peacock feathers, cardboard, and Velcro. This one is trickier to put together, but the turnout is phenomenal.

6. You can go classic Halloween and make your cat a witch! Grab a hat (or make one) and loop tulle around an elastic band for a tutu effect.

7. You can make your cat a predator, quit lion to yourself. It just requires some orangey, brown yarn and a pattern to leave your kitty prowling pride rock.

8. If you have felt like you haven’t bought enough felt, then take some grey felt and make a dorsal fin. It would make your cat a terror in the pool (if they liked water).

9. The Minions have been all the rave for a while now, and your little minion can show some tribute with a few pieces of felt, hand stitching, and an easy-to-follow pattern.

10. Using a felt hoodie, you can make your cat Pikachu or Cheshire Cat (or really anything; the possibilities are endless!).

You can find more patterns, videos, and information here. Happy costume making and happy Halloween!