Cats. Those furry friends we all know and love. Have you ever looked at your cat and wondered what makes it so unique? Every cat has a personality that’s fun to explore and learn about. You can get to know your cat by reading into its body language and more. Cats are fun creatures and they’re even more fun to learn about. Here are some facts about cats you may not know!

Some Cats have “Thumbs”

Although it’s more common to find a cat with 5 fingers on their paws, some cats have more. Polydactyl cats have more than 5 fingers on their paws which look like mittens. President Theodore Roosevelt had a polydactyl cat named “Slippers” which was one of the first cats to ever roam the White House. Cats only get this trait through an inherited gene from one of their parents.

They Can Hear Ultrasonic Noises

Cats are known for their strong senses– particularly hearing. Cats have a pinna which is the outer flap on their ear. The pinna allows them to hear from all directions, taking the sound directly to their eardrum. Once the sound reaches the eardrum, tiny bones inside the middle of the ear will vibrate the sound waves to the cochlea and then on to the brain.

This process is what allows cats to have ultrasonic hearing. That means cats can hear sounds up to 5 times better than humans. A cat’s hearing is what makes it such a great hunter. Hearing rodents and being able to lock in their location based on sound helps to guide the cat in the right direction.

A Cat’s Nose is like Its Thumbprint

Every cat’s nose has a print that is unique just like every human has a unique fingerprint. Although your cat’s nose will appear to have simple, small bumps on it, those small bumps make out a specific pattern just for your cat.

They Sleep A LOT

On average, cats will sleep about 15 total hours each day. Some cats can even sleep up to 24 hours. Cats are crepuscular meaning they are most active at hours pertaining to dusk and dawn. Outside of those hours, cats are usually sleeping. Cats are also affected by the weather, so on a rainy day, cats will need more sleep to conserve their energy.