You may think that tricks like sit, fetch, and rollover are reserved for man’s best friend, but think again. Not only can you teach an old dog new tricks, you teach those same tricks to a cat (no matter their age!). Similar to training a dog, training a cat will take time, patience, practice and of course a few treats.

When your cats completes or rather attempts a trick, make sure to reward your cat. This will help to reinforce the behavior that you want them do again. To avoid added stress for you and your cat, avoid raising your voice and keep your training sessions short. Keep in mind that your cat won’t nail their trick perfectly the first or even second time. No matter their age, a kitten or senior, it can take a few weeks for your cat successfully learn a new skill.

If you are looking for a few easy tricks to teach your cat than look no further.

Trick #1: Sit

An easy and basic first tricks is teaching your cat how to sit. Not only is it relatively easy to do, it serves as a building block for other tricks in the future. Before your kitty can sit at the wave of a hand, you have to entice his attention with one of the best rewards- food.

When training your cat how to “sit’, hold his or her’s favorite treat above their head. The best place is to hold the treat is a few inches above his ears and move it slightly towards their tail. To get a better look at what you are holding, your furry friend will mostly take a sit. As soon as they do this, make sure to give them a well deserved reward.

Trick#2: High-Five

Teaching your cat how to”high-five” is very similar to teaching your cat how to sit. Start by holding a treat above their head, but high enough that they will need to reach for it. When their paw makes contact with your hand, out-loud say, “High-Five!” and provide them with a treat. Once your cat masters this, it can lead to more intricate tricks like a hand shake, waving goodbye, or even closing cabinet doors.

Trick#3: Jump Through Hoops

There are a couple of methods to train your cats how to jump through hoops, but one the most popular ways to do so is by luring.

Luring is when you get your cat to chase a lure using a favorite toy or treat. You will want to hold the treat or toy far enough away that your cat will want follow. To get you cat jump through a hood, guide the lure through the hoop and your cat will follow. Once they successfully jump through the hoop, continue to guide your cat with the lure.  Cats are pretty smart animals so they will catch or pretty quickly what you want them to do.