There is no doubt that we love our cats, but sometimes taking care of kitties can be a challenge. From cleaning the litter box to dealing with copious amounts of cat hair, life as a cat owner can be frustrating. However, you will find a few cat life hacks below that will leave both you and your cat purring.

Litter Box Hacks

One of the toughest parts about being a cat owner is dealing with the litter box. To make it less obvious that you have a litter box in your house, try hiding your litter box and improving the smell.

Rather than having your cat’s litter box out in the open, place your cat’s box under an end table or place it in a low cabinet with door removed. You can easily hang no-sew curtain so that your cat has some additional privacy. If you willing to get a little creative, there are plenty of projects that can help you hide the litter box.

If you find that the smell of the litter box is consuming your house, trying adding baking soda to your litter. It will help to absorb odors and even help extend the life of the litter. You can also add a deodorizer to your litter, but don’t add too much. Sometimes cats will stop using the litter box if it is too deodorized. Try sticking with an unscented version and only add a little each time you scoop litter out.

Scratching Hacks

Having your furniture and personal items shredded by your kitty’s claws can be extremely frustrating. If you find that your cat insist on sharpening their claws on the leg of your table, try wrapping it with sisal rope. This will help protect your table and give your a cat a place do to her scratching. Another great DIY solution to scratching is adding corrugated cardboard to small basket or box. Place it near a sunny window and your cat can bask in the sun, nap and scratching to their heart’s content.

It is perfectly normal for cats to scratch their claws on objects. It is how they remove the dead outer layer. You can help your cat out by trimming their claws. Putting aside a few minutes to clip your cats nails will go a long way for the life of your upholstery. If you find your cat is a little too fiesty, you can go to a vet or groomer.

Cat Hair Hacks

A never-ending battle for cat owners is controlling the amount of cat hair that is evident. Rather than shaving your cat complete, try hands-free grooming. Attach two stiff bristles (from new toilet brushes) to a board to create a grooming station for your cat. Chances are, your cat will love how the bristles feel and keep coming back to the station for more. The hair will be trapped in the bristles making an easy cleanup for you.

If you need to clean up cat hair in a cinch, wear a rubber dish glove. Run your gloved hand over the upholstery to wipe any trace of hair away. Rubbing a blown-up ballon will also produce a similar effect.