Cats are known for being particular when it comes to their likes and dislikes. As a cat owner, you may have already noticed their favorite spot to take a nap, if they prefer wet or dry food and most of all where they like to be pet. By now, you probably know what spots on your cat will make them purr over the spots that bring out the claws. Although all cats are different, there are a few places that all cats love to be scratched and rubbed.

A cat’s favorite place to be touched is where their scent glands are concentrated. You may have witnessed your cat rub their face against you or objects in your house. When you see a cat do this, they are leaving their scent to make their environment more familiar which in turn makes them feel safer and happier. With this in mind, the following places are four of the best spots that you can pet.

Base of the Chin 

Underneath your cat’s chin, gently rub your finger along the jawbone to where it connect to the skull. In this small area, you will find the majority of your cat’s scent glands, making it one of the purrr-fect places to be stroked.

Base of the Ears and Cheeks 

Similar to the base of the chin, the base of the ears and the cheeks contain many scent glands. While you pet this part of your cat, your cat may rub his head on you, this is called “bunting”.

Base of the Tail 

If you run your hand down your cat’s back, apply light pressure to the base of their tail. Scratching your cat in this spot will make them purr right away.

One spot that you should avoid petting, that all dogs love, but cats hate, is the belly. 

Unlike dogs, cats are not as secure as a predator. Cats are considered both predator and prey, and because of this, they are protective over their belly that contains all of their vital organs. Although you may think your belly rubs are harmless, to your cat they may trigger defensive mechanism involving their sharp claws.

Although these are the most popular “sweet spots” for cats, you will want to pay careful attention to how your cat is reacting. If you are petting a new cat for the first time, watch your cat’s reaction to decide whether or not you are in a good spot or not.